FAQ & Instuctions

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to assemble my unit?

No, our pods are fully assembled and ready to fit.

Do I need a floor rail system in my van (like the VW California)?

No, our units can also just be bolted down to the floor of your van. We also have anchors/cleats for the VW California/Caravelle/Multivan rail system.

Will I need to do any plumbing?

No, our units are pre plumbed in with fully integrated plumbing systems including a auto tap, pump, plumbing , clean water and grey water bottles

Does my unit need 12v electric?

Our units come with a fitted 12v plug (cigarette lighter plug) to power the auto pump (which only uses a very small amount of 12v power). This can be plugged into the dashboard or the lesiure battery etc. The Mini-Pod has the option of a cordless tap which just needs to be recharged via USB.

Does a unit with a fridge or cooler need a leisure battery?

Yes, for operation when the engine is off a leisure battery will be needed.

What happens if I have a problem with fitment into my van?

Our Fitment Support Guarantee

In the event of problems fitting your pod we will:
Help with technical advice Help you with any fitting adaptors/extra mounting plates In the unlikely event that the unit does not fit - A 14 day return policy

How long does delivery take?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

How can the tables be stored?

Mini Table (550mm x 200mm) - This can be stored inside the Kombi 3 and Maxi XS units. There is also the option to buy our table storage clips (self-fitting only) to store it on the back. There is a separate table storage kit for the Nano. Large Table (490mm x 615mm) - This can be stored inside the Maxi pod and on the back of the Maxi XS and Kombi 3 pods with our table storage clips (self-fitting only). There is a separate table storage kit for the Nano.

How are the MIni, Nano & Kombi pods delivered?

The MIni, Nano and Kombi pods are delivered in a box and with an
extra box for the table, extras etc. Parcelforce/GLS/DHL will e-mail and text you tracking details.

Will I receive delivery tracking?

Yes, we will send you tracking info and the shipping company will email/text you updates.

What happens if there is a missed delivery / delay / damage

On rare occasions there are delivery problems and this can be frustrating for both you and for us, but we will always sort out any problems.

How easy are our units to fit?

Here at Vangear we have spent many years designing and developing our campervan pods so when it
comes to fitting a Vangear unit, we have some advantages Our pods are fully assembled With fully integrated plumbing systems Designed for easy - straight forward fitting Our fitment support guarantee

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